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Why install deformation joints?

In the process of project construction, we often use expansion joints and other measures to carry out environmental protection and building work. Of course, with the continuous improvement and acceleration of urbanization in my country, there are already too many buildings. appeared in the public eye. What should be done when the expansion joint leaks?

One of them is chemical grouting. Through this method, some good treatments can be carried out on the expansion joints in time, and the anti-seepage and plugging treatments can also be carried out, and good results can be achieved. A steel support expansion joint is made of steel and can directly bear the load of the wheel. According to the different structure and stress characteristics, the butt deformation seam is of the butt deformation seam type. The expansion and contraction amount of conventional bridge projects is generally less than 40mm, and the filling butt-type expansion device is widely used in bridge projects with expansion and contraction amount less than 80mm.

The installation of deformation joints occurs in many buildings, and the installation method is often complicated. So what is the installation method of deformation joints? Why do we install deformation joints in buildings?

1. Installation method of deformation joint

Our installation design drawings require that the fixed sliding rods be arranged, and then the panel and the fixed, deformation joint device cover plate shall be changed to be consistent with the vertical slope and transverse slope of the floor. Then add plastic strips, marble and other materials to the joints as needed, it is best to use sealant, and do a good job of scraping ink to protect the finished product.

Prevention and control measures for building deformation joint works: Carefully treat the foundation and strengthen the soft foundation; long steel bars or concrete beams should be appropriately set at the lower part of the heavy-duty window wall and wide window to prevent vertical cracks on the window sill.

2. Why should deformation seams be installed?

In order to prevent the building from cracking or causing damage due to temperature changes, uneven settlement of the foundation, earthquakes and other factors, the groove or base should be fixed on the main structure of reinforced concrete, and the spacing should meet the installation requirements.

Post time: 19-07-22