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How to use expansion joint cover in construction industry?

What is the application of expansion joint cover in the construction industry? According to different setting positions, expansion joints can be divided into several types: wall expansion joints, floor expansion joints and roof expansion joints. In the construction industry, expansion joints are generally used. Today, let’s learn more about the application of building expansion joints.
As we all know, because the building is in the process of temperature change, under the action of day and night temperature cycle and long winter summer cycle, the shape and size change due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the length of the building exceeds a certain limit, it will crack due to large deformation. In order to prevent the occurrence of such cracks, cracks are usually reserved at certain intervals along the length of the building to disconnect the building.
Generally speaking, expansion joints are different from settlement joints. It requires that all aboveground components such as walls, floors and roofs of buildings be disconnected. Basically, they are less affected by temperature changes and do not need to be disconnected. The setting distance, that is, the allowable length of the building, is closely related to the materials used in the structure, structure type, construction method, geographical location and environment of the building. The crack width is generally 20-30mm. Settlement joint is a crack set to prevent additional stress in the structure due to uneven settlement of the foundation, resulting in vertical dislocation cracking in some thin parts of the building. It requires that all components from the foundation to the roof must be separated by joints, so that the buildings on both sides of the settlement joint become independent units, and each unit can settle freely in the vertical direction. The width of settlement joint is related to the nature of foundation and the height of building.
I hope that through the above related introduction, you can have a better understanding of the expansion joint. Of course, its existence in the construction industry is of great significance.

Post time: 17-02-22