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Attention should be paid to improving waterproof technology in the setting of deformation joints

Settlement joints shall be provided in the following cases:

1. When the building is built on different foundation soils between two important parts;

2. The height difference between two adjacent parts of the same building exceeds two floors or some height differences exceed 10 meters;

3. The structural system, width and depth of adjacent foundations of the same building are quite different;

4. When an existing building is adjacent to a new building.

When it rains, waterproofing must be considered before making deformation seams. In the setting of deformation joints, attention should be paid to improving waterproof technology:

The anti-seepage problem of deformation joints should be handled according to the construction site conditions, and waterproofing membranes should be prepared on the roof site before the roof deformation joints are installed. During the construction process, care should be taken not to damage the treated waterproof membrane. After the local glue treatment is completed, the ground and exterior walls should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of waterproof sealing, and if necessary, glue between the building and the material to fix it.

The waterproof layer should be the top of the side wall of the roof or the low wall of the gutter, and then the upper part should be covered with synthetic polymer, the two sides of the coil should be connected to the roof waterproof layer, and its width should not be less than 100 mm. Then, a layer of synthetic polymer is laid on the top of the coil, and the lap joints of the previous layer of synthetic polymer are covered on both sides, and a deformed joint device is installed on the upper part to protect the waterproof layer.

If the floor is decorated, the water seepage of the decorative adhesive layer should also be considered. Fortunately, a stainless steel sink should be considered for the concrete base to facilitate drainage and waterproofing beside the sink. The production of the water tank should be split. When the building is deformed and displaced, the split water tank will not loosen the water tank and the concrete layer and cause water seepage. The sink needs to be drained. Stainless steel is the best material for the sink, and other materials will corrode after a short period of use due to the consideration of the acid and alkaline substances in rainwater and building materials.

Post time: 19-07-22