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  • How are expansion joints waterproof?

    Care should be taken when selecting materials and styles, fully considering the climatic characteristics and engineering geology of the project area, as well as factors such as construction convenience, such as the flat rubber type in the design of the expansion joints o...
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  • Why install deformation joints?

    In the process of project construction, we often use expansion joints and other measures to carry out environmental protection and building work. Of course, with the continuous improvement and acceleration of urbanization in my country, there are already too many buildings. appeared in the public...
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  • Expansion joints, settlement joints and anti-vibration joints are three common types of joints in construction.

    1. Expansion joints 1. Terminology Explanation Expansion joint: When the building is long, the deformation joint is set to avoid cracks in the structural components caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the building. 2. Need to set seams ①The length of the building exceeds a certain limi...
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  • Expansion joint system can save your building

    Earthquakes can cause serious damage to buildings. The expansion joint system uses a closure system that automatically reseals after an earthquake or flexible covers to prevent damage to floor and wall finishes. Gravity activated seismic floor coverings will also return to their normal position a...
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  • How to use expansion joint cover in construction industry?

    What is the application of expansion joint cover in the construction industry? According to different setting positions, expansion joints can be divided into several types: wall expansion joints, floor expansion joints and roof expansion joints. In the construction industry, expansion joints are ...
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  • Expansion joint cover practice _ common problems of expansion joint cover construction

    Expansion joint cover practice _ common problems of expansion joint cover construction

    The purpose of building expansion joint cover is to solve the requirements of considering factors such as earthquake resistance and temperature changes when the longitudinal length of the building is too long, the layout is complicated, or the height and load of differen...
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